The Benefits of a Protective Order

Suffering through domestic abuse and then going through the process of getting out of an abusive relationship is undeniably draining. One way to ensure you’ve done everything within your power to end and abusive relationship is to have a protective order filed.

A protective order is a court document that serves two primary functions. First, it creates a record of your abuse at the hands of the specific person it is filed against. This record is recognized nationwide, meaning a protective order will be valid if you choose to move away. More importantly, a protective order will prohibit the person you file it against from communicating with you, being close by, threatening, or harming you. It can also force him or her to pay child or spousal support, if applicable.

While a protective order is a legal document that explicitly states a person should leave you alone, the individual it is filed against may not always honor it. If a person violates a protective order, he or she may face criminal charges, but that may not always be a enough of a deterrent. If you file a restraining order, be sure to stay vigilant, just in case your abuser chooses to break the terms of the document.

If you’re the victim of domestic abuse, a protective order may be able to help you protect yourself and your children from an abusive ex spouse or family member.

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Semi-Truck Accident Facts

Semi-trucks, or more properly semi-trailer trucks, are those behemoths on the road you don’t want to be in a truck accident with. They are huge, gleaming and 18 wheels worth of heavy steel that can spell catastrophe if you ever get into a collision with one.

The big rig, or a semi as it is also referred to in the US, is a towing engine attached to semi-trailers for carrying cargo. The semi-trailer is attached on a metal projection of the towing engine, or tractor, just forward of the rear-end axle so that some of the weight is carried by the tractor. This makes it distinct from the usual truck and trailer where the trailer is attached completely behind the prime mover.

There are different configurations to a semi-trailer truck, and carrying purposes. Common types include tankers (for gas and oil, mostly), reefers, vans, side lifts and flatbeds (for containers without wheels). There are specialty trailers that are refrigerated, heated or pressurized. Some even have movable wheels enabling them to comply with weight distribution laws as necessary. Because they often travel interstate, semi-trailer truck drivers must be conversant with the laws governing each state to avoid trouble.

You will often see these lumbering giants on the highway as they speed interstate or haul cargo to airports or piers for international freight forwarding. They represent an important part of commercial trading, which makes them an essential part of the economy. But that doesn’t make them any less dangerous on the road. There are smart ways to handle a semi on the highway, but sometimes accidents still happen. If you have been in a truck accident with a semi and sustained injuries and extensive property damage, you may be able to claim for additional compensation over and above what you are entitled to from your insurer. Contact a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to know your options.

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Keeping Distance to Avoid a Truck Accident

Have you ever noticed that trucks usually have a sign at the back that says “Caution Air Brakes” or something similar? This is because heavy vehicles and trailers use a different type of brakes from the usual ones used in regular automobiles. Air brakes are designed to prevent truck accidents, but it may also be the reason for a truck accident if you aren’t careful.

In your sedan, SUV, pickup trucks and other smaller vehicles, hydraulic brakes are used. This braking system makes used of hydraulic fluid to provide the pressure needed for the foot brake to work. In larger and trailer-type vehicles, however, air is used instead of hydraulic fluid and to engage the brake the air is released. The reason trucks have that warning sign at the back is because air brakes are much more powerful than regular hydraulic brakes, powerful enough to stop a heavily loaded cargo truck in its tracks. If you are following too closely, there is a good chance you won’t be able to stop in time and you will complete your stop against and under the rear bumper of the truck.

Depending on the speed upon which you were traveling and the point of impact, this can have dire consequences. If you are lucky enough to escape with little or no injury, you still have to consider the damage to your car, which is bound to be considerable. And since you rear-ended the truck, you are most probably at fault, which in Texas means you probably won’t be able to claim from your insurance.

However, if you can prove that the driver was negligent i.e. driving while intoxicated then you will be able to claim for the damages to your car from your insurance, and you may even file a personal injury claim.

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Business Lawyers

Starting a new business can both be scary and exciting at the same time. However, in this challenging economy, it is important to choose the type of company structure that would best benefit you and, if applicable, your partners. For the best guidance and advice, it is usually smart for first-timers to consult business lawyers in order to weigh their possible options.

There are many types of ways that a business can be establish; among them is the Limited Liability Company, or LLC. This type of business combines both the benefits of pass-through taxation that a partnership or sole ownership has and the limited liability applicable to corporations. The legal existence of an LLC is separate from the management and its shareholders, so there are no risks of personal liability.

There are many benefits that a new company can benefit through LLC. Among them:

  • Once an LLC company is formed, it can stay as a company for as long as necessary. Changes in management, retirement, or even death do not affect the company, allowing it to smoothly continue operations. They can only be terminated through liquidation or other court orders.
  • They support better pension schemes as compared to self-employed businesses.
  • The most important advantage of LLC is its limited liability. This means that in cases of debts, the shareholders’ personal properties or assets will not be put at risk.
  • It is easier to get loans from banks, since they have option to either use certain assets in the company or use the company’s assets as a whole.

These are just some advantages which people who are starting a new business can get if they choose the Limited Liability Company structure for their business. Trained legal professionals can more fully explain the various benefits and potential drawbacks of this business structure. A planned structure for your business may be one of the most crucial parts of setting up success for the future.

Starting a Business

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Race-based Discrimination in Everyday Life

Race-based discrimination in the workplace is unfortunately common, and this is reflected in the wealth of information available on what to do when it happens to you. Discrimination in public settings is less clear however, such as if you go to a restaurant and are treated unfavorably because of your race. Is there legal recourse for those who are discriminated against because of their race in everyday life?you

Yes, in fact, there is.

Title II Section 201a of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 states:

“All persons shall be entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, and privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation, as defined in this section, without discrimination or segregation on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin.”

Clearly then, it is illegal for any establishment open to the public to deny entry or service to anyone because of their race, or to treat them any differently from other people. If you believe that you have personally witnessed a violation of Title II through race-based discrimination, then you may have a case if you have some proof such as a video or audio recording of the incident, or if your discrimination lawyer can establish a pattern of behavior or identify a company policy that may be considered discriminatory. If the employer you work for is discriminatory, they should be brought to justice. If this has happened to you, make sure to act quickly.

There have been precedents, including the 1994 settlement by restaurant chain Denny’s for $52 million when a class action suit representing thousands of their African-American customers was filed against the chain for racial discrimination under Title II. More recently, two African American men filed a suit against the Broadway Apple Store in New York for denying them entry and service because of their race.  The case is pending as of publication.

Race-based discrimination is still rampant, but you don’t have to take it lying down. Your civil rights should be protected at all times, and there are laws that do just that so long as you are willing to exercise your rights.

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